Daily Quest Guide: Venture Bay

Venture BayIn the southwestern corner of the Grizzly Hills is a cool little harbor area called Venture Bay with a number of PvP-style daily quests. I recommend everyone tries these out, at least once, for the sole purpose of seeing another misfire by Blizzard at world PvP. This area is rarely populated by players and is more or less a PvE environment with a PvP flag associated with it.

As a means of quickly leveling your character, these quests are a great way to rack up easy experience every day in a matter of minutes. On top of the 20,000 experience you get for each quest you’ll also receive just under 6 gold and 10 Venture Coins (more on those later).

It’s important to keep in mind that as soon as you accept one of these quests you become flagged for PvP. Now typically this isn’t an issue since this area, on my server at least, is generally devoid of any real life. But from time to time you’ll run into actual players so it’s important to remember to keep your guard up.

The Quests

Keep Them at Bay! (Alliance) / Keep Them at Bay (Horde)
This quest can easily be done while you’re completing the rest on the list. Venture Bay is crawling with NPCs of each faction so you can quite easily kill the requisite ten you need without any problem. You also get credit for any players you kill in this area while on the quest.

Smoke ‘Em Out (Alliance) / Smoke ‘Em Out (Horde)
There are Venture Company workers scattered throughout all of Venture Bay but the easiest way to wrap up this quest quickly is to find a building with them inside and rush in. Run around grabbing threat on all of them and try to corral them into one big group. When that’s done take the Smoke Bomb and throw it down at your feet. You might have to repeat this process two or three times to finish the quest so make sure you’re at full health each time to avoid dying.

Down With Captain Zorna! (Alliance) / Crush Captain Brightwater! (Horde)
There are three ships in the harbor at Venture Bay. The ship on the far left, when facing the lighthouse, contains the Alliance captain and the ship on the far right has the captain for the Horde. All you have to do is get on that ship and kill the opposing faction’s captain. These captains are elites, with 30,000 health, and there’s sometimes a patrolling mob or two in the area you’ll have to deal with as well. I’ve found that during this quest is when you are most likely to get jumped by any enemies in the area. It’s easy to lose track of your surroundings when trying to down the elite and that’s a prime opportunity for some wise-ass rogue to backstab you and make life miserable.

Riding the Red Rocket (Alliance) / Riding the Red Rocket (Horde)
This is, without a doubt, my least favorite of the Venture Bay quests. I did this one maybe two or three times before swearing it off for good. You can only complete this quest when your faction controls the lighthouse. To control the lighthouse, you must fight your way to it and capture a flag in a style similar to the PvP quest in Hellfire Peninsula where you had to capture the three flags in the zone for a faction-wide buff.

Once you’re in control, you have to work your way into the middle ship in the harbor and get fuel to take back to the small dock behind the lighthouse. When you have the fuel it’s got a movement and damage debuff that makes you walk like a snail all the way back to the lighthouse. Then, when you put the fuel in the rocket, you have to steer it into the opposing factions lumber boat. It’s all very brutal to do. Here’s a YouTube video I found to better explain:

The Rewards

Ah yes, the loot. There are 19 items you can buy with your Venture Coins and most of them, at least for my Hunter, were either stopgap upgrades that lasted a brief time or were totally useless. I think I have over 300 coins sitting uselessly in my Currency tab right now. The vendor for these coins is only available to you when your faction controls the lighthouse.

The real point of doing these dailies is the experience. With a level range of 73 or 74 anyone in a hurry to get to 80 should probably make at least three of these four quests a regular stop. They’re quick to finish and, if you’re into PvP, occasionally a good time when other players are in the area with you.


vazhkatsi  on March 17th, 2009

I feel i should mention, there are also 7 other quests in close proximity to these, just up the river, and one of them at the logging grounds gives you a key that allows you to operate a goblin shredder, which can make the killing the captain easier. I level fast, 2 80s now, and i did all 11 quests every day past 74 240k xp? for an hours work? sign me up.

Nance  on March 17th, 2009

Those are the topic of my next guide, actually. It’s not finished yet but it should be published shortly.

carolj  on April 5th, 2009

is there any rep associated with these quests? if you’re over lvl 74/75 these are worthless.

Nance  on April 5th, 2009

@carolj: Only if you consider some of the easiest experience in the game (regardless of your level) to be worthless.

vazhkatsi  on June 11th, 2009

true. i usually do all of these 2-3 times while leveling. do the ones at the logging camp, and then take the log ride down river. 200k experience in under an hour usually. also this rewards THE best shaman resto totem right now.

Bobby Joe  on October 14th, 2009

Good GUide

Rogue Macros  on July 16th, 2010

Same here, the experience is easy. Agreed, might be the easiest in the game. Good guide!

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