Material Wealth: Making Money Off BC And Pre BC Materials

Warcraft Copper Mining

Most of the World of Warcraft players are currently busy with their raids and PVP at higher levels; only a few will take the time to venture back into the old Azeroth to re experience the intense moments of original warcraft. This is absolutely understandable as the old continent does not have much to offer to the high leveled players. The only reason you would return is to level another character, help another player, or you may just go around and gank towns and cities of the opposite faction. However, there is one reason that you should go back to the old world that you have left behind; to make gold.

There are numerous gold making techniques nowadays; these range from farming eternals in Northrend to using professions to gain gold. Most of the strategies require farming, but a lot of these strategies are populated with other people using it as well. Even the buy-low sell-high strategy is not as effective as it used to be because of the mass amount of people using the strategy. Although these methods are populated, there is still one strategy that is not used my most people.

The strategy that can yield you a decent amount of profit is by farming and getting items from Pre-BC and BC times. These include cloth items, ores and herbs from original World of Warcraft, etc. These items sell well because there are always people looking to power level their profession. When they see that you are the only provider, they have no choice but to purchase from you. They understand that it will be extremely hard to find another buyer, so they have no choice but to purchase whatever they are provided with. In addition, these powerlevelers have a lot of money because most people do not dare to level their professions super fast without gold because they realize that it is going to cost them quite a lot.

The reason behind the ridiculous pricing is that no one is farming or gathering old materials from the original Warcraft continents anymore. There are not that many people leveling there, so the demand will never be met to the fullest. If you have ever tried to power level some of the professions in the past, you will realize that the cost for these materials is ridiculous. Also, if you have played since Pre-BC or even BC, you will realize that these prices have gone up at a ridiculous rate.

There are numerous original Warcraft materials that have soared up in price. Here is a few examples from my realm, but it is imperative that you check the auction house pricing for your realm to see which one sells the best.

Copper ore – These things went for less than one gold per stack in BC and Pre-BC, but they are currently selling at an average of 30g/stack. The great thing is that these are ridiculously easy to farm.

Wool Cloth – these wool cloths went for 50silver originally, but they currently sell for 20g/stack.

All the other cloth items sell very well. This is because they are rarely farmed or sold anymore. The only cloth I would recommend not farming is linen cloth. Lots of low levels have access to them, so these are not farmed as much.

The ores also sell very well, so you may want to think about using them. The silver ores sell for about 10g/each. That means you can get around 200g/stack. Believe it or not, these sell very well because of the demand with no competition.

Some fun ways to farm materials such as cloth is by farming them through instances. Running Zul Farrak multiple times will help you stack up with mageweave cloth as well as Flask of Mojo. Flask of Mojo will sell anywhere from 80g-120g per stack, and the mageweave will sell around 20g/stack. If you have a nice 80 and enjoy farming, you will definitely have fun doing it while making gold. You can also be generous and run a low level through the instance for free, but ask them to collect all the items and give them to you at the end in return. There are numerous ways to get creative and make money using the old Warcraft land.

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