My Fading Interest In Wintergrasp

WintergraspMy playing time in Wintergrasp has plummeted since the switch from daily quests to weekly quests. It was only within the last day or two that I was able to find the drive to sit down and play back on my more regular schedule than before the quest change.

You Win, Blizzard

So, I guess what I’m saying is that Blizzard’s desire to control the lag in Wintergrasp by driving down participation is working like a charm for them as far as I’m concerned. I now find an aspect of their game much, much less enjoyable than before and now take part in it less. Hopefully that means the people still having a good time in Wintergrasp can enjoy it with less leg and one less active participant.

The Good Old Days

Before the quest change I used to time my lunch breaks around the next Wintergrasp battle. This was a great excuse to take a break from work and still get something out of my time playing my character. Since the change, I am lucky if I get in a Wintergrasp battle more than once a week on each of my two level 80 characters. There’s just not much incentive anymore.

A Comeback

I really want them to change the quests back to dailies. I have no hard proof to back this up but on Greymane-US it feels like Wintergrasp participation is way down across the board. The battles no longer feel quite as epic or important as they once did and I feel like this is a direct result of the change. I hope that the numbers on other servers are similar to my own and that Blizzard reconsiders this “solution” to lag in Wintergrasp.


Boombaloo (AllianceGirl)  on June 8th, 2009

I feel like server participation is also down on my server (Especially for Alliance side, doesn’t appear to have affected Horde so much) and I know personally that I haven’t been as excited to play. What a crappy solution to the problem.

Silence  on June 8th, 2009

Hey, you got linked by WoWInsired :)

On my server I see no difference from before patch and now. Same amount of people on both sides and same 2s lag :(

rulez  on June 8th, 2009

It’s always weird when devs kill the fun instead of fixing the problem.

rulez  on June 8th, 2009

And in my experience this change has amplified the problem of server population imbalance a lot. Just recently it was like Alliance had Wintergrasp for days and it was weird to be on the attacking side for a change after it finally switched.

O-Digga  on June 8th, 2009

Ever since the change, the horde always out-numbers us on our server, sometimes as much as 20 to one. The levels of Tenacity that I have seen are incredible. It’s impossible to hold the workshops with so few people, so we can’t keep any vehicles up, and any vehicles that we do get are quickly mobbed by the horde and destroyed. Thus we loose, frequently. I hope the horde is enjoying their Stone Keeper’s Shards, because we are now only getting them from the dai—weeklies.

And no, the horde does not deserve to win more because they have higher participation. If Blizzard wanted that, the battlegrounds would reflect server populations rather than striving for an equal amount of people on both teams.

It gets so bad on my server that sometimes I just stay in stealth mode and try to stay close enough to a battle so that I can get the proximity honor without being hit by the AoE. The sad thing is that I get much more honor this way than I do by participating and helping my team. That’s how you know the system is broken: when it is infinitely more beneficial for me to not participate than to try to help.

mongoman  on June 8th, 2009

Blizzard wants the only pvp in the game to be arena. Anything fun must go go go its esport time…

Eldadres  on June 8th, 2009

Ahh yes, since that horrid change from daily to weekly quests, players have gone down on my server as well. Especially the Alliance side, although it’s normally low anyways, recently it has just been ridiculous. Earlier I played a quick game on the DK, I got one shotted by a pally with 20 tenacity!? WTF!! They really do need to change it back to daily quests, because it is quite ridiculous.

Aeltyra  on June 9th, 2009

Hmm I suppose many people will try to do their WG dailies in the weekend now, when more people are online and they have more chance of getting things done and getting into VoA afterwards.

I can’t check the current state on my server, but I suppose for a low-pop RP server like us, this has even more of an impact than the high pop servers out there.

heath  on June 9th, 2009

our participation is waay down…i only do it once a week or twice a week now, where i used to do it a couple times a day.

…but i don’t think its just the fact that they changed it from weekly to daily.

1) the only WG mark gear that i don’t have is the 40mark chest piece (i have the boots, belt, 2xtrinkets, and helm). i have the shard mount and shoulders for my alt. there’s really not much motivation any more for me to get marks or shards so why keep grinding?

2) pugging vault is now just a stupid idea. no pug gets past emalaon and they all want to do emalon before archie…so you can sit in there for an hour and not do crap till the pug falls apart. there is no longer any motivation to go into vault,,,where it used to be a great, quick raid.

3) also…its very discouraging now that the horde are consistently using the glitch to get all their vehicles up-front. defending lasts less than 5 minutes now so no one wants to even bother with it.

heath  on June 9th, 2009

…edit: i meant: changing it from daily to weekly…my bad.

Daavos  on June 9th, 2009

Hmmn… we’re you doing WG for the pvp or the daily quests?

It’s sounds like you were more interested in the gold from the daily quests then the pvp.

I don’t think you’re being honest about your lack of motivation for WG.

Nance  on June 9th, 2009

@heath: Those are all good points. I’ve gotten all the WG gear I need as well. And Vault PUG runs are just terrible. I’ve written about this already so I won’t re-hash my argument there.

@Daavos: I like PvP. The last time I checked my main has over 20,000 honorable kills and my alt just passed the 5,000 mark the other day (in Wintergrasp, no less). But I will admit my only purpose for doing the dailies was the gold; like I just said above, I have no need for the Shards anymore.

dapcmeck  on June 9th, 2009

Yes Blizz has killed the great idea. Turning to weekly is not a bad idea however not making it worth your while is a bad idea. I think WG would have dropped some but still would be profitable if they placed the proper rewards in it.

Al in SoCal  on June 9th, 2009

I don’t mind that the quests are weekly – but I need more incentive when my quests are completed.

How about getting more rewards for each battle – say 5 stone keeper’s shards for participating (lt level) – or more marks of honor (5 for winning / 3 for losing)?

Stephen Courton  on June 16th, 2009

Rather than change from daily to weekly quests to lower participation, why doesn’t Blizzard upgrade? Maybe buy some faster computers? After all if they get $15 a month from their 10 million users that’s $150 million a month. They should be able to afford some equipment that can handle the demand.

Also why do they keep allowing lopsided battles. If one side has too many participants then stop adding more. Seems a problem in all BG’s. It was annoying in BG’s like AV when one side had a 25-15 lead in players and yet the 25 man side keeps adding until they reach 40 while the other side gives up and drops out. After a certain imbalance the side with more players should not be able to add until the other side gets close in numbers.

Nance  on June 16th, 2009

@Stephen: I really feel like the lag in Wintergrasp is felt more by the end-user’s side of things from low end computers and poor Internet connections.

As for lopsided battlegrounds, I’m seeing less and less of these on Greymane since the switch to WG weeklies from dailies. Again, at least on my server, the changes to Wintergrasp appear to be having their desired effect at the expense of my interest in WG itself.

Vestbootchty  on February 5th, 2010

Firstly, who cares WHY a person does dailies or anything…quit judging people, if he wants do do it for the gold involved then he can.

There are no rules to how one “should” play the game.

There are unwritten rules in every game, that obviously Blizzard doesnt recognize, and that is teams are always equal from a numbers standpoint. Not 20 to 5 !

No wonder participation is down, there is just no benefit to WG anymore.

Most of the PvP action is scrapping over titanium nodes, so yeah I’d say the system is broken…havent seen my faction control WG for over 12 days now.

Get your gear and other goods at the vendors in Dalaran, much easier with less effort or frustration.

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