My Take On Wintergrasp Weeklies

By changing the current Wintergrasp dailies into weekly quests Blizzard is attempting to not only cut down lag in the zone but also promote interest in the existing Battlegrounds. I’m all for both of those motives but I think the way they’re handling this is kind of a sad attempt at making things better.

Cutting Down Lag

Some players complain about the lag inside Wintergrasp constantly. I personally only have problems near the end of a battle when the interior courtyard is overflowing with players and even that isn’t a problem 100% of the time. So I think this incessant whining that Wintergrasp is too laggy to play is less a universal truth and more an issue with people having poor ISPs. The problem is that those people are the ones that cry the loudest.

Promoting Battlegrounds

There’s also been mention from Blizzard employees that they hope this change in quests will shift more focus back on the existing Battlegrounds. Since Wintergrasp is such an easy means of earning honor every day there isn’t much use for any of the Battlegrounds any more. If people don’t need to visit the zone each day for the quests they’ll naturally be earning less honor throughout the week and will have to seek it elsewhere via Battlegrounds. I actually think this part of their argument is reasonably valid and might work out in their favor.

My Unrequested Opinion

The hope with these changes is that fewer people will continue their regular daily schedule of entering Wintergrasp and that the player count will bottom out so that the lag in the zone lessens. Whether or not this will come true is yet to be known. My hunch is that the faction-wide buff, the access to the Vault of Archavon and the sheer fun factor of Wintergrasp is going to keep player participation (and therefore the lag) the same as ever.


logtar  on May 13th, 2009

I did WG to farm for the mount, but have since only entered to do Vault mostly… I don’t think this change will affect my attendance either way.

Korixys  on May 13th, 2009

I Love WG, but lag sometimes keeps me away. I have a brand new top of the line pc I just got a 3 weeks ago and I still lag really bad. While the lag is very annoying, I dont go around complaining about it, I just plan my WG around times with less traffic, like Thursdays and Sundays. Still a lot of people doing it, just not the huge rush you get on Tuesdays after the reset.

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