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Welcome to the 10th issue of the Alterac Volley Newsletter. We haven’t quite maintained the weekly schedule I intended when I started this whole thing so I apologize for that. I’ll try to do better moving forward.

This week I want to talk about turning your PvP habit into a gold making venture. A lot of players, full of gear and boredom from raiding, have turned to PvP as a way to keep the WoW spark alive in their lives. I have two characters who are both constantly flirting with the 75,000 Honor cap each week as they do Battleground and Wintergrasp quests. So I thought I’d tell everyone what I do with all of that Honor since if you don’t spend it on something it will eventually just go to waste.

There are two items, both of them gems, that you can buy with Honor Points and Stone Keeper’s Shards. They both are pretty hot sellers on my server currently and a great way to stay away from the Honor cap and find a use for stockpiled amounts of Shards.

Scarlet Ruby

I’m not sure how many players other than Jewelcrafters know this, but in the same room of NPC vendors that have all of the PvP gear for sale, is a Jewelcrafting vendor as well. And, for 10,000 Honor, they will sell you a Scarlet Ruby. On my server, I can turn a Ruby around in under 24 hours for anywhere between 50 and 75 gold each.

This is a great way to constantly stay below the Honor cap if you have nothing to spend the points on. My Priest has full Hateful Gladiator sets for Shadow and Holy so every point of Honor he earns goes right into Scarlet Rubies.

Kharmaa’s Grace

The quartermaster in Wintergrasp will sell you a single Kharmaa’s Grace for only 20 Stone Keeper’s Shards. This is, at the moment, the gem with the highest Resilience stat in the game so it’s a very good seller. Kharmaa’s Grace, like the Scarlet Ruby, also sells for between 50 and 75 gold on my server at the moment.

The easiest way to get Stone Keeper’s Shards is to finish the Wintergrasp quests each week. You can also get them by running Heroics when your side is in control of Wintergrasp but the Horde on Greymane-US is so miserable at Wintergrasp that this scenario is rare for me.

Weekly PvP Profit

Thanks to our old friend Wintergrasp there is ample opportunity each week to rack up large amounts of Honor and Shards. Between my two characters, with Wintergrasp weekly quests alone, I can generate 100 Shards and about 50,000 Honor. That’s a nice supply of gems each week for me to sell.


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redsammy  on July 27th, 2009

Thanks for posting this! For some reason I never thought about selling these gems (I hit honor cap long ago but still BGed).

Looting corpses in Wintergrasp can also net you 50s to 1g50s per corpse. Not a great way to make a fortune but if you’re a penny pincher…

Nance  on July 27th, 2009

I can’t believe I forgot to mention looting corpses in WG. That’s one of the easiest ways to make gold of all time. I can rack up 25-30g in a matter of minutes doing that.

drunkenclod  on July 28th, 2009

100 shards and 50,000 honor a week? WG quests have been weekly for a while giving around 3,700 each and you can get 4 per week for a little under 15,000 honor per week….unless I’m missing something

Nance  on July 28th, 2009

There are 5 weekly quests, across two characters, so that’s 38 thousand Honor and the 100 Shards right there. Plus you can easily get 1,500 Honor or so each Wintergrasp battle I’d bet so it’s easy to rack up 50,000 Honor each week.

shawkra  on August 4th, 2009

this post and website was mentioned in “The Instance” podcast #156 released this week.

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