Starting Your Own Bank Alt Guild

SchonhardtA lot of players who are very serious about their Auction House work require more storage space for materials and items than the standard bag system and personal bank can provide. When you’ve reach the point of bursting at the seams with gear and are out of places to store everything your best bet to alleviate the strain is to start your own guild. With your own guild you’ll have access to a guild bank that can offer you more storage space than you can possibly imagine.

Recruiting Fake Friends

In order to start a guild you need to get players from 10 different accounts to sign your guild charter. This process can take some time if, like me, you are a predominantly solo player who doesn’t have many friends who play the game. If you’re in a guild on your main character or know lots of players on your server you can pretty quickly get your signature and nine other accounts on your Bank Alt’s guild charter and you’ll be off to the races.

But if you don’t have enough friends with accounts you’re going to have to fall back on the ancient art of bribery. I’m sure you’ve seen folks on the Guild Recruitment or Trade channel offering gold to players who will sign their guild charter. While this is a viable way to get the signatures you need it’s also a bit too spammy for my tastes.

Instead of broadcasting your needs to the world I find it’s best to walk around the lower level starting areas and politely /whisper players you find that aren’t currently in a guild. Ask them to sign your charter, offer to give them a few gold for their trouble, and explain to them that once you have all of the signatures you need you’ll be removing them from the guild roster.

Don’t be cheap during this process. I’ve seen people offering as little as one gold to sign their charters. If you’re serious about the Auction House enough to make your own Bank Alt guild then you should be willing to pay a little extra to get the process complete quickly. When I started my own guild I ended up paying around 10 gold per signature.

Start Buying Guild Bank Tabs

Once you’ve got your signatures, created your guild and removed everyone but yourself from the roster it’s time to head to your brand new guild bank. You can buy up to six bank tabs at your guild bank and the prices for each escalate. So while the first tab is only 100 gold the sixth and final tab will run you 5,000 gold. Each tab has 98 item slots so if you buy all six available tabs you’ll end up with an additional 588 places for gear at a cost of 9,350 gold.

That might seem expensive at first but consider that your own personal player bank only has 28 item slots initially and can only be expanded by the size of the bags you add. With seven bag slots containing 22 item bags you’re still only going to have a maximum storage space of 182 slots. That’s a far cry from the space you can get with your own guild bank.

Is My Own Guild Bank The Right Move?

I’ll admit this idea isn’t for everyone. A lot of players store up materials and sit on them until the selling prices are at a level they feel they can maximize their profit with. This strategy often times requires lots of space to save items. If you’re the type of Auction House player that quickly gathers and sells their items you might not need your own guild bank. It’s up to you to decide how intense your storage needs will be.


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dreamame  on April 8th, 2011

how do i edit the names of my guild bank tabs?

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