The Best Selling Fish

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Fishing. In the World of Warcraft, the act of fishing was apparently designed to be the most miserable and sadistic act in a video game ever. It’s horrifyingly boring and monotonous. How anyone could derive enjoyment from this act is simply beyond the scope of my brain’s mental capacity.

Now let me tell you why I think you should start fishing every day.

There is gold to be made with fishing. Everyone needs Raid food these days and the best way to cash in on this demand is to help supply the hardcore Raider types with the cooking materials necessary to make the foods they need each week.

The Best Selling Fish

There are only four fish I actively seek: Glacial Salmon, Nettlefish, Dragonfin Angelfish and Musselback Sculpin. I find these four to be the fastest selling of all the fish available in the game right now. While you don’t need a maxxed out Fishing skill to catch all of these types of fish I highly recommend you get your Fishing up to 450 and have a decent pole. The time you’ll save and the areas you can fish in will be much improved.

Glacial Salmon
You can get these by the boat load in Wintergrasp. The have a decent drop rate and, on my server, the average selling price per fish hovers somewhere around 1.5 gold. When the supply is low that number can creep up and over 2 gold each.

While I’m fishing in Wintergrasp for Glacial Salmon I’ll pull up a fair share of Nettlefish as well. I usually cook these into Poached Nettlefish and sell them for about 2 gold each. You can try selling them in uncooked form but I’ve found that they generally take much longer to sell this way, if you can manage to sell them at all.

Dragonfin Angelfish
The Dragonfin Angelfish is probably the most lucrative fish on my server at the moment. You can find pools of them in the south of Dragonblight. You can pretty quickly put together a stack of these fish just hopping from pool to pool. They sell on the Auction House, depending on supply, from anywhere between 2.5 gold each to 3 gold each.

Musselback Sculpin
The great thing about the Sculpin is that you can not only find them in the Borean Tundra but in Wintergrasp as well. These sell on the lower end at about 1.5 gold a piece but the sales come pretty consistently. I would not recommend you fish for these alone but pull them up while you look for other stuff instead.

Bonus Catches
In Wintergrasp, you will pull up a lot of Succulent Clam Meat, Siren’s Tears and Northsea Pearls. You can cook the Clam Meat into Dalaran Clam Chowder that sells for 3 to 4 gold each. Siren’s Tears are on a pretty low drop rate but will earn you a quick 50 gold profit. The Northsea Pearls tend to sell on a rollercoaster of price points on my server but should get you a gold or two for each.

Start Fishing!

If you haven’t maxxed out your Fishing skill yet you might want to start doing a little bit each day. Once you get the ball rolling you’ll find that it doesn’t take long to get the skill up to 450. If you’re looking for a decent fishing pole, I’m partial to the Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole. You can get it for cheap from the Kalu’ak once you reach Exalted with them.

Once you’re geared and skilled up I first suggest you head to Wintergrasp and try your luck there. After an hour or so of straight non-stop fishing action you should have several hundred gold worth of fish to sell.


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logtar  on June 22nd, 2009

I know you are right about this being critical to gold making, but I seriously dislike fishing and have the help of my guildies when it comes to fish. I don’t know how I would fix it, but out of all the grinding, this is possibly the most painful.

Nance  on June 22nd, 2009

I felt the same way but once you hit the cap and each successful cast starts making you gold the sharp pain of fishing starts to dull a bit.

mage leveling guide  on April 19th, 2010

I never really liked fishing, no matter how hard I try, after 10+ minutes I just want to beat up my keyboard…

Do you know how much gold/hour you can make? I really have no idea how fast you can fish those. If it’s faster than the other ways to make gold, maybe I’ll give it a try..

Oh wait, I had to level my skill first =/

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